About Me

About Me

“Pradeep Acharya is a revolutionary Trainer | Mentor | Coach | who has set up his dream institute Brainathon under the guidance of Yashodha Pradeep, Brainathon is highly evolved training and coaching institute since 2007. Acharya is steering the institute to new heights of excellence ”

Acharya has continually inspired and motivated over 90,000 people in their daily lives, and has helped them realize their true potential. He has enthralled and captivated thousands with his charismatic persona and unmistakable charm. His electrifying energy level levitates the enthusiasm and engagement index of the listeners manifold.

Acharya's philosophy and deep desire to help further the vision, passion, mission and objective of every student aligns him to your institution's goal.

Acharya's research and hands-on experience will cut years off your learning curve. He has proven track record of helping students of all ages and improve their Handwriting and Memory successfully. Acharya's keynote programs, seminars and workshops are interactive, inspiring and empowering. Attendees will walk away with techniques that they can use immediately in both their Academics and personal lives.

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